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Hockey Moms Rule Coasters

Hockey Moms Rule Coasters

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"Hockey Moms Rule" Coaster

Celebrate the unsung heroes of the ice rink with a coaster that knows who truly rules the stands. Sure, the game is cool, but it's the hockey moms that bring the heat!


  • MVP Material: This coaster celebrates hockey moms with a stylish design they'll proudly display.
  • Reliable Rescuer: Made to combat those dastardly drink drips, and let's be real, any rogue puck that finds its way to your table.
  • Heartfelt Hockey: Featuring a lovingly detailed hockey mask adorned with hearts - because hockey moms are all heart.
  • Stay-put Style: With a natural cork backing, it's as steadfast as a hockey mom’s support.
  • Perfect for Playoffs: Every sip feels like a win when it’s taken with a touch of hockey mom pride.

Hockey Moms Drinkware, Sports Mom Coaster, Rink-side Beverage Accessory, Hockey-Themed Home Decor, Proud Puck Mom Coaster.

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