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Hockey Dads Rule Can Cooler Sleeve

Hockey Dads Rule Can Cooler Sleeve

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For the dads who've outlasted every overtime, and who equate the clink of a puck with the clink of a cold one, this "Hockey Dads Rule" coozie is your ultimate game-day accessory. Whether you're debating ref calls or just taking a break between periods, show off that you're not merely a dad—you're a HOCKEY dad.

  • MVP (Most Valuable Pint-Holder): This coozie celebrates the legends who juggle game schedules with their favorite brews, one sip at a time.
  • Bold & Frost-Free: With its standout design, your drink stays chilled—even if the game is heating up.
  • Grip, Sip, Repeat: Made for those gripping game moments; because the only ice you need is under the skates, not on your fingers.

Toast to the Best: Slide this coozie onto your drink and gift another to a fellow hockey dad. Here's to cold beers and hot plays!

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