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Be Cool Coasters

Be Cool Coasters

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"Be Cool" Coaster

In the fast-paced game of life, sometimes all you need is a little reminder to keep your chill. Enter the "Be Cool" coaster - as straightforward as it is stylish.


  • Smooth Slogan: Bold typography sets the tone for a relaxed evening or a zen morning coffee moment.
  • Retro Radiance: A throwback to classic diner vibes with its crisp blue and red design. It's vintage, darling!
  • Undercover Guard: Not just a pretty face, this coaster's here to keep your surfaces spotless and drama-free.
  • Natural Backbone: Featuring a cork backing to hold its ground against any rebellious drink.
  • Mood Setter: A mantra for your mug; this coaster adds a hint of cool to any hot or cold beverage scenario.
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