About Us

About Us

Haus of Hockey 1980: Your Extended Rink Family

Imagine a place where coffee is the unofficial sponsor of 5 AM practices and where the scent of a Zamboni's exhaust is considered a high-end fragrance. Welcome to Haus of Hockey 1980, the one-stop brand where we get the hockey family — because we are one.

We started with a puck and a dream: to capture the hilarity and heart of hockey life and slap-shot it straight into a lifestyle brand. Because let's face it, who understands the thrills of thawing out toes and the strategy behind 'snack shack' dinner planning better than us?

Stick-Toting, Puck-Chasing Tribe Unite

Haus of Hockey 1980 is the brainchild of a group of creative hockey families from Northwestern CT and beyond. We're the team behind the team, celebrating the wins and the 'please not overtime' moments with a knowing smile.


So, grab your thermal mug, embrace the organized chaos, and let's make those frosty mornings a little more fun. Because at Haus of Hockey 1980, every day is a hat trick waiting to happen.


Welcome to the lifestyle of hockey. Welcome to Haus of Hockey 1980.